Facing The Challenges


believe me, it’s such a hard time in my life.

and i nearly got insane. phew :sweating:

some worst days for me.

some challenges for me.

for me.

It’s a God’s test for me again. after having a few days with fever, i felt better for one day.. and again, i got the package again :sick: (note: package = fever + flu + headache + cough). well, i got no choice other than being patient and taking the medicine (that had been given by doc on previous fever)

yeah, obviously, the sickness had spoiled my work, although it just a simple work 🙄 and as the result, i was scolded by my group-mate for the ‘cincai’ thing that i had done. i gave some ridiculous reasons because i don’t want to tell my partners that i’m not feeling well, but the things just got worst. omg. but then i know that i deserve to be scolded.

my friends are nice people. the thing that i have to do is telling them – ‘i’m sick’ and they’ll understand. well, i’m just trying to avoid telling the others that i’m sick but i was wrong – you must tell your partners if you got sick. remember this.

second challenge, i feel very depressed 🙁 and was trying to drop my studio subject. OH MY GOD.

Ya Allah, apa yang aku cuba nak buat ni??? :ooooh:

i think it’s just because of my depressed-feeling.. i got the same feeling when i was in centre for foundation studies.. well.. in both cases.. i’m trying to change course, you know. again, omg.

and just now, dad’s words had made realized.

he said that he and mom never forced me to learn what i want to, but i have to think the best thing for me.

just some points of his quotes:

“sapa2 pun tension. belajar mesti akan tension. abah kerja hari2 pun tension.”

xboleh biasakan diri?
itu perkara normal. sapa2 pun akan rasa macam tu.

kita kan manusia. ada time sihat. ada time sakit.

xcukup masa?
belajar. memanglah masa xcukup. dah kerja lagilah xcukup masa.

well.. that’s just some of his quotes.

dad, i love you :heart: mom, i love u too :love:

one thing that i realize about group work is – a person must know what is the ability and specialty of his/her partners. it’s not exploitation. it’s contribution.

if u ask me something that i can do better – i could do it better.
if u ask me something that’s my weakness – the result is not as you want

well, enough for today.

syam is having a great day. yeah, i believe that there’s a happy day for me too :angel:

get to work. till fingers meet the keyboard again 😉

p/s : i’m feeling so weak because of the ‘package’. again, being patient is the best thing that i can do.

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