Examination: Time to Know Yourself Better

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Final examination (again) is just around the corner. And as usual I prepare myself like anyone else – studying, doing exercise and starting to understand some parts which were been ignored during the whole semester.

I don’t know about other people’s feelings toward examination but for me, I see examination as the most suitable time to know yourself better.

We go to class. We read notes. We study. We do exercises. We get consultation from the lecturers. But are they enough to guarantee you a good mark in the exam? I cannot give an exact answer because the one that determines the final outcome is you. Some people might study very hard but still cannot score in the exam while some people just pay attention in class and pass with flying colours. Believe it or not, examination shows us different types of people and yes, it’s a unique thing to see 🙂

I always believe that examination is not the time to compete between each others but it’s the time to know yourself – who you are and what is your current level of understanding and knowledge. You might expect the result or shocked with what you get. It depends.

One of the common mistake regarding examination is giving up before the battle starts. Another one is wasting up too much time and then pushing hard in the last minutes. Well, I admit sometimes I do these mistakes too.

The best way is to keep striving and put more effort and giving focus on the exam. Do a lot of exercises and keep revising the subjects especially the one that is hard for you to understand. It is OK if you do your best but keep in mind that it is a terrible waste if you fail to grab the opportunities to score.

Don’t ever try to cheat in examination. It’s like lying to yourself. And you might close your own way to success if you get caught.

It’s time to act and know yourself better!

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