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It’s almost 3 weeks since I got home for holiday. And I have about more than 2 months to go. 1st semester for 2009/2010 session will start on 13th or 14th of July, if I’m not mistaken.

Looks like there’s a lot of time to enjoy.

As I love freedom and independence (plus with relax), I choose to stay more at home and do my works. Works? Yeah. You can work at home, if you know how. Some people love to find jobs in town – cashier, waiter, teacher or anything else. You do the job, you got the cash.

Everybody loves cash, I believe. But I prefer to do works as a refreshment during the holiday. The most suitable job is – blogging. Improve skills, get more knowledge, meet more friends, earn cash. You need PC/Laptop and Internet connection (Streamyx, maybe?) and the mixture of interest and spirit or you’re still jobless. Uhuhu.

Besides posting entries, growing the blogs, and the things related to it, I voluntereed myself for my former school. Building E-Learning portal, school webpages, be with current Cyber Brigade members and bla, bla, bla. There’s a big IT Carnival in July so I think I’ll lend a hand. Through these projects, I’ll have the chance to improve my skills and growing popularity in the eyes of the school chicks. ohoh.

My aunt’s wedding ceremony is around the corner. So I have to give a help. Not to prepare the multimedia presentation, of course. ahaha. If there’s no one seek or need for help, I’ll help eating the foods with my lovely cousins. Sure, they’re always being a part of my plan =D

Holiday is enjoyable, and relaxing is the part of it. But if you want to get yourself hard, go on. I hope this holiday will benefit me a lot, especially when we talk about earning cash. Hehe.

See ya.

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