Always Have Something to Write About it: Easy Ways to Formulate New Blog Posts


While blogging is a great way to self-market and promote small businesses, for a great chunk of the community blogging just serves as a platform to voice your opinions and to delve deeper into a niche that you are passionate about. That said, blogging can be fun and almost therapeutic at times.

But what happens when you are finally slammed with the all-too-familiar ordeal known as writer’s block? Yes, one day you may just very well run out of things to write about. You certainly can’t just abandon your blog until your come up with a great topic weeks later—you have loyal readers you must cater to. That said, there are tons of different resources you can turn to for days where your creative juices run dry. To learn some various ways to help you generate blog post ideas for constant content, check out the list below.

Look at Old Material

By far one of the easiest ways to find new things to talk about is to investigate your own blog and scour through some of your more popular content—for example, revisit particular post that received a high number of page views or that received a lot of comments. You might just be able to write a post off of the commentary or you can always try writing a “spin-off.” For example, let’s say you wrote a post on your travel blog about Seychelles beach and it got a lot of comments saying how romantic the vacation spot looked. A great spin-off could be the top romantic/honey moon beaches to visit. You could even convert it into a 3-part series for example to stretch out the material and have a couple of posts line-up for the coming days.

Utilize Social Media

Another easy way to discover what people are talking about and what people want to see/read is looking at various social media networking sites. If you are a Facebook user it’s important that you make sure that you are paying attention to your friend’s statuses and comments; look at videos and other interesting links that your friend’s post for inspiration; and don’t be afraid to post statuses of your own asking the mass public what they would be interested in reading about—sometimes simply being direct and taking a poll is your best bet. If you are a Twitter user, follow the same advice. If you want to search for topic pertaining to your specific niche however, you the hash tags in the search bar to come up with great ideas and “follow” people in the industry.

The Power of Google News

To find new and relative topics to discuss, a great tool to use is Google News. What this feature does is deliver headlines from around the world pertaining to the key word or phrase you type in the search engine. This should be able to give you an array of topics that you can write about it. It’s also a good idea to check out what some of the homepage top stories are in the world/nation. These are considered top news stories because people are searching for them. If you write a piece correlating with a top story chances are your posts will have higher rankings in Google.

Guest Posts

Lastly, you can also turn to your loyal readers to help create new content. They may just have some equally as creative ideas to write about that can help you fill up the empty pages whenever you get stumped or plan on going on a short hiatus. They can also add some insight to subjects that you may have never thought about it.

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