Doing Real Business

I always imagined business as playing game where you need the ‘real’ elements there.

Yes, I love business or frankly say – I love making money. Some people love money too much when some love it as it is. We need it so we have to find it. OK, stop there. Back to the topic – I love making money.

Business is a way of getting money and I’d found a lot of ways online and offline. I’d tried and tested a lot of ways – success in some but I’m looking for more. I’m looking for a ‘real business’.

Different people got different perception and opinion of what is real business. Some might understand how a real business is while some might accept the wrong one as the real one. Confusing, though – however confusing is a part of life, isn’t it?

Strategy, passion, interest and patient are some of the elements that must be there if you want to success in doing business. You have to be patient but in the same time, fast – she said.

A real business for me is something that give me money through my own efforts and I feel satisfy of doing it. Of course, the legal one. And I guess I’m doing a part of it now. The matter is I wanna look for more.

I love writing and honestly writing gives me monthly earning – which I got through my own efforts. And I feel satisfied with it. However I’m looking for more. Offline, maybe?

Hope for bigger success. And I’m still looking =)