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We cannot deny the fact that animal is one of the ecological elements in our life. However we human sometimes ignore this fact and as the result, animals had been humiliated and never got what they deserved.

And it’s a fortunate thing to know that there are blogs for animals’ rights and one of them is DogsDeserveFreedom.

DogsDeserveFreedom is maintained by a volunteer for Local Humane Society. She trains the unadoptable ones and doing TNR for stray and feral cats. If you would like to email her, you are free to do so at emsbirds[at] Her other blog is Drowning in Cats.

DogsDeserveFreedom’s design is simple and easy ot use. I’ll not comment much on design as DogsDeserveFreedom seems to emphasize more on its contents.

As its name, DogsDeserveFreedom focuses on articles related to dogs such as discussion about dogs, training tools, dogs’ current issues and other miscellanous things related to dogs. The latest post as this review is being written is Training Rant – Resource Grading. I don’t understand much about this Resource Grading, but it seems that this Resource Grading is a problem that need to be consider.

Nice. At least I get something new today.

Maybe you want to know about dogs and things related to them, especially when it comes to their rights and training issues so DogsDeserveFreedom is a suitable place for you.

As conclusion, this blog is cool because I got new knowledge about dogs from it. Feel free to visit DogsDeserveFreedom and read the interesting articles! =)

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