Do What You Need To Do


again. busy days avoiding me from frequently updating :isk:

but it’s ok.. at least i have time to write entries 😉

yesterday, i joined KaedStage with my studio-mates. we presented a sitcom entitled.. er.. i think there’s no title.. but it’s about a panda who willing to join the ‘KAED next top model’ (sounds funny, hehe). the theme is ‘Live It, Be It’ and the director is Nelza, assisted by Bobby. there’s only two teams contesting, URP and Archi and.. we won! :party: – i became Sir MJ (huhu) and some of my friends.. became.. er.. the models :giggle:

i don’t the have any pics or videos of our performance yet, maybe I’ll put them here later.

and.. wee.. i had bought a new bag 😛

just bought it at Times Square.

not so expensive. it’s just RM69. and i feel it suits me well. wo. so happy 😀

“eh.. so what the title means?”

er.. uhu. ok.. let’s go to the point 😉

i want to quote a comment by ain for my previous post, The Tests:

yeah alone. kite kene buat ape yg patut kite buat bukan buat bende yang kite suka buat. Gud luck! :wink:

I was thinking about this matter in Putra LRT – on my back to campus. And this thing is flying in my head – until now. and it’s gonna make me think about it everyday.

“Do what we need to do, not the thing that we like to”

And i think it’s a relevant point/quote for me, currently. (and ever, i think)

do what you need to do, huh? :think:

it’s like an athlete aiming to win the gold medal in the tournament, and what should he/she do?

– prepare pyhsically and mentally NOT let the day of tournament comes without practising.. am i right?

The IF things

IF.. i want to successful in my study, i must :

– study and take part in the learning process ( i mean always attend the classes)

– do the assignment and coursework, as had been given by the lecturers

– try to understand the subject and grab the sisters knowledge

– always prepare for the examination (and quiz)

– i think there’s more..

or IF.. i have interest in someone (i mean she), what should i do?

– prepare physically and mentally

– have the knowledge

– the money. start saving from now (don’t forget this)

– attend the course (important too.. no course, no certificate, no permission to marry. hu 😥 )

– maturity & the feel of responsibility

– and bla, bla, bla..

well, looks like there’s a lot of thing that we MUST do in this life.

but the fact is, some people (including me) don’t realize there are doing the non-important things.

it’s not a wrong thing to play-play, but.. you know.. for time to play, we play.. and when it’s time for work, we have to do our job as good as we can.

i got many lessons in this life.

thanks to my friends, especially from the blog-o-sphere. ur comments and articles from your blogs opened my mind 🙂

do. what we need to do 😉

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I recently purchased a memory foam for my sleeping surface, and it is surreal…Hi there, I just wanted to say hello to an old blog friend, I hope things are well with you…Jesse



Haha my favourite part of this post is the crazy guy and his idea of "capes". I think people like fashion a lot more than they think they do: it's always interesting when someone looks different. Just by the by, you look trés pretty and it's a lovely outfit.



again us:you have contributed nothing to the et convo other than a mindless slurfollowed by a totally unmentioned and meandering tangentget a new act you clown!had you been on et's grandfather's porch that evening, like the coward that you are…you would have quietly waiting until the bi-racial lynch mob had deaprted then yelled out"foolish rascals!…i bet they gone kill my black roosters too cause they been chirping at my white hens!"spare me



50,000 wrds in 30 days? Let’s see…roughly, 2,000 wrds a day – five pages, at 400 wrds per page – leaving five days, interspersed for proof-reading and editing. Hmmm. This could prove to be a most interesting objective and, let’ face it, who has anything better to do in November? I’m in.


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