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I got an online friend named Rebheka. She run a website ( and she had write a review about her site.

This is the first time I know about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). What it’s for? It’s a new thing for me. Maybe it’s something important that we have to know. Check it out. – A review is an online information hub that provides latest news, resources and articles related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The site also gives useful tips and information on the CRM process as a whole and its applications in different organizations. The website provides insights into the steps involved in implementing CRM, the advantages of using CRM and how CRM can help small and large industries in improving their services.

The following are various CRM related Information found in the site.

Why CRM is important for your organization ?

The site explains why a business should go for CRM and how CRM can help in treating the customer as a King in the business. Also there is information on how CRM software can increase efficiency of the marketing department. The site explains how CRM can help in handling information related to market trends and customer’s attitude, so that suitable strategies can be devised to improve the business’s performance.

CRM implementation guide
Explanation is provided on how CRM can be implemented with equal success in a variety of organizations irrespective of size and structure, as the barest minimum required to implement CRM is only one customer. Tips are provided on how CRM can be implemented in small, medium and big industries.

CRM – Top software vendors

Finding the right CRM software vendor is a very important part of the CRM implementation process. The site provides information on leading <a href=””>CRM software</a> such as those from Oracle and SAP, and the relative advantages of these software.

Steps in CRM implementation

Each organization is special and unique. Hence the CRM implementation for every organization is also different. The website explains this idea and also gives the steps for doing a proper CRM implementation.

Possible causes of CRM failure

The website analyses the possible reasons for a CRM failure. The information reveals that it is not only the organization, but also the vendor of the <a href=””>CRM solution</a> that is to be blamed for such a failure.

CRM and Banking

All organizations need to treat the customer as King if it wants to succeed and banks are no exception. It is the customer’s money that fuels the banking business. explains the benefits CRM can offer for banks and how one can get the maximum out of CRM banking systems.

CRM Success stories

In the article “CRM success stories” the website reviews the phenomenal success of Bell Canada and other organizations in implementing CRM. Also the reasons for the success is listed and analyzed so that other organizations can take a cue.

CRM news

There is a separate feature that provides all the latest news and latest developments in CRM worldwide.

White papers on CRM

The website provides white papers that discuss the importance of Internet in <a href=””>CRM implementation</a> and various cost cutting strategies that can help increase the ability of a businesses to support its customers.

On the whole, is a nice place to get the basic information and the right exposure before you start your own CRM implementation in your organization.


Thanks Rebheka for the review! :keh:

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