“Could I Have One?”



It’s a long time ago since I mentioned about jewelry.

I came across to a site that offers awesome hip hop jewelry so I want to  share it with all of you.

Check it out.

I just know about this hip hop jewelry and yes, they are beautiful!

The diamond encrusted to the ring symbolized success and you could see many rapstar wear these jewelry in their video clips, events or during interview sessions.

You could find a huge collection of hip hop jewelry through its site. It is affordable and comes with new bling manufacturing technique. It is a cool trend today so you might grab one or make it as a gift to your beloved one.

“Bling! Bling!”


“She has a nice bracelet!” (my younger cousin referred to a female rapstar in TV)

“Yeah. So what?”

“Could I have one?”

“Yeah. I’ll search it for you”

And that’s how it goes.

Searching hip hop jewelry for your friends and family? Get one at Hip Hop Jewelry and make them happy!

p.s: That’s how we show our love.

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