Controlling Your Bad Feelings


Human naturally consists of 4 important parts which are intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical and in fact they are connected to each other in their own ways. Every single one of them has various roles in building our personality and thoughts.

Our emotion is a natural thing to be dealt with and uncontrollable so the question is – How to control these bad feelings?

The first thing to do is increasing our awareness about our own bad feelings. In order to be a better person, we have to learn how to control our emotions especially the bad feelings.

What you have to set in your mind is to be able to cope with the bad feelings that you have. Now it is the time to use your bad feelings to be more productive in your life.  Think of something that can help you to forget about the bad current situation that you have. You can do this by being active in adventurous activities, community services and writing poems, journals, stories or blogging!

Getting rid of your bad feelings is important as it can cause us to be mad and sad for the entire life. Just simply walk away and start watching the perspective of life from the other side. Don’t lose to your own bad feelings or you might end up with bad feelings towards yourself and other people.

Recognize the bad feelings and what bothering inside you and start to realize that there is a reason why all these things happen. Always keep in mind that there must be a good purpose (hikmah) why it came to you.

Here are some of the effective tips and suggestions on controlling your bad feelings:

  • Take your time to calm down.
  • Think about the good approach that you can apply when expressing your emotions.
  • Express your feelings in a nice and appropriate manner.
  • Learn from all of this mess that happen to you and avoid yourself from having bad feelings again.

I agree that bad feelings are normal because they are part of ourselves as human however it can also bring us to problems. Whatever it is, you have to learn on how to control your bad feelings and you will find yourself better in handling your own bad feelings in the future!

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