Congratulations Malaysia!

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Glad. Proud. Happy. I don’t know what to say. But it’s happened and it’s a glorious moment not only for the Malaysian football team, but also for all Malaysian who support football or not.

King Raja’s boys finally end 20-year gold drought

MALAYSIA finally ended their 20-year gold drought in the SEA Games men’s football competition when they defeated Viet-nam 1-0 in the final at the Main Stadium of the National Sports Complex in Vientiane yesterday.

The national Under-23 boys, who came as non-medal prospects under Category B, pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the Games to win the gold medal – Malaysia’s 40th in the Laos SEA Games.

An own goal by Vietnam’s Mai Xuan Hop in the 85th minute was enough to seal victory for the gritty Malaysian side, who came alive in the second-half.”

You can read more of the story at the original MStar Article.

malaysiafootballgoldmedalIt’s a glorious and at the same time, historic moment. I believe that a lot of Malaysians jumping in front of the TV last night, celebrating this glorious moment.

I don’t know what to say but I hope that we can be proud of our football team again, after years and moments of being defeated and laughed. And I also believe that through full spirit and support, the team can put themselves in the nice place again.

The thing that we should proud of is – the players have the spirit to fight although there are a huge number of opponent’s supporters compared to theirs. And at last, we won.

Congratulations Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!

p.s: Some people might thinking that I’m over-acting, but I believe I said this because I love my country – my people, my land.

p.s.s: I guess the one that talked a lot and underestimating others currently had shut their mouth. Now you know the truth.

p.s.s.s: Love your country as I love mine. But make sure that it’ll not make we fight each other =)

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