Class Separation in Primary Schools


I had just finished my teaching-time as the responsible teacher came back from her maternity leave. Being a substitute teacher is amazing as I got a lot of valuable experiences and memorable moments. And now I realize that being a teacher is not an easy responsibility. A teacher must feel what is inside his/her student’s heart and mind.

36 days as a teacher in a primary school. A great time for me.

There is only one thing I questioned myself while in school – why separation class system is practiced in primary schools?

I don’t know about education system in other countries but here in Malaysia we implement class separation system in primary schools. For secondary schools, classes are separated based on the curriculum structures. The thing that makes me wonder is my the separation system is practiced. (please tell me if I’m wrong about these facts)

I remember watching some of my classmates had been transferred to another class when I was in Year 1. And then we got some new classmates from other classes. I’m not questioning about my classmates but the system. The common practice is performing students will be separated from the weak ones. However the number of classes might vary from 2 or more.

I’m thinking about these matters (my personal opinion at that time):

  • Why different level of students can’t be mixed in one class?
  • Some teacher will differentiate and prefer class with performing students.
  • Separation of class discriminates students. Here is grade-A class and there is the grade-E one.

Getting The Answer

I feel curious so I asked my mom about that. She herself is a teacher but we seldom talking about school matters. And I got some simple answers.

  • Different level of students need different ways of teaching.
  • Separation encourages students to improve their performance.
  • Mixing students with different levels will only result in same ending. Performing students got no challenge while weaker students still left behind.

I agree with my mom. Her points are stronger than my curiosity. Now I realize I got a lot more things to know and explore as I learn more.

How about you? Do you have any opinions about class separation system? Or do you want to share about the education system at your place? You are welcomed to do so through the comment section below =)

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