Chickenpox & Love


I just woke up from my so called “go early to sleep”. Again, I still not success in doing it – sleep early and wake up early. This time it’s because of the flu. So I have to sleep later than I’d planned. And it means I might wake up later tomorrow. I don’t want that so I guess it’s better to stay here, in front of my lovely PC and start mumbling!

I got all these blisters since a few weeks ago and it’s still there. “You might get chickenpox,” as doctor said.

“Thank you, doc. So it’s chickenpox or not?”.

“I’m not sure. You have to wait for a few days”

And I have to ‘wait’ for the answer to come. And I guess it’s happening.

Feeling like fever, flu and a lovely itchy body – a set of entertainment that make it’s harder for me to sleep. Well, it could be a sign for me to be more patient in life. Who knows? It might be a sign of love.

Love? It could be everything. Sharing feelings is compulsory. Paying attention is essential. And what on the earth do it means.

And currently I do love Stereopony. Their music. How they perform on stage. Haha. Stereopony rocks!

Well, I still can’t sleep and I lost my mood for it. Maybe I should continue playing PES or reading some online news until morning.

* I’m thinking of reconnect with old friends in blogging. Feeling guilty of forgetting them. Oh oh.

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I forgot about the Rugrats! I used to watch that with Princess Nagger! And I'm laughing at the Angry Beavers – we totally would have watched that had we ever diverscoed it… 😉 Love your choices! 🙂


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