Changing Theme: Simplicity is Better

Sitting in office is amazing where you can consume a lot of typing sounds.

I changed the theme for AloneinHome again but this time I choose the concept of minimalist and simplicity (although I cannot elaborate further on these two terms).

I feel that I am too eager to put everything in my site with colorful pictures and receive various comments, shouts and pingback but in the end of the day they are seem so meaningless as I still let myself distracted from the real focus – the content.

The inspiration came when I read an article from Leo Babauta of ZenHabits where he mentioned about his other blog, mnmlist which using simple theme. He offers 2 versions of mnmlist themes and I download the 1st version. mnmlist currently using the 2nd version which is more simple than this theme that I’m currently using.

I love this theme. Very much.

The way you blog sometimes reflect who you are. And it happens to me.

Maybe I will change my mind in the future but I do hope that I will maintain this theme because it is simple, easy, free of distraction which reflects myself and it is amazing to feel that your own blog inspires you to write in there.

No comment section. And no distracting widgets. Awesome.

However there is always ways for contacting – you can send me your message through Contact form and Twitter.