Changes & Being Changed



Lately I keep talking about change this and change that. And yes, it’s because in fact change is a normal process in our life. You change, I change. The condition changes. Sometimes we change, and sometimes we are being changed.

Yes, people changes and being changed.

The second semester for this session has begun and as usual, our planning studio got new board. The new CEO/Project Manager is Imah and her assistant is Alia. Tasya becomes the new secretary and majority then chose Nelza to be the treasurer again. Yeah, I admit she is very talented in collecting money so generally it’s a nice thing that she could continue managing the fund.

People being changed. That’s it.

Last night, I attended a talk on the topic “What’s the purpose of we are here in the university?”. It was a nice and inspiring talk so I gave my ear until the end of the talk. It’s started with the video presentation, talk and then discussion in groups. We talked to each other and shared our thoughts and experiences. And to be honest, I was so amazed that some of them shared their dark experiences and how they changed until they become who they are now. Wow. Amazing.

And yes, people changes.

People changes and being changed.

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