Change! Now or Never




That’s what I’m thinking right now.

What change?

Well. Time changes people and in fact we see people changing everyday in our life.

Some people changed by what had happened in their life. Some people have to change themselves in order to change their life. Yep. I’m the person on the second sentence.

Sometimes I feel my life goes upside down. It’s like there’s nothing interesting to explore anymore. Yes, I know I’m wrong but the awesome spirit (as if I could see it) is dying and dying.

A lot of terrible things happened lately and it’s painful to list all of them. Btw, maybe listing them generally could make me relieved. Check it out.

– lot of sleeping in class
– skipping classes
– unsatisfying assignments
– no enthusiasm for projects
– the laziness keep stronger
– procrastination for blogging/tasks
– blur.. sometimes
– plus, my paypal account had been limited. damn. I have to send them my documents after this.

They’re not events actually but some negative things inside me. Something wrong. Yeah, something wrong.

That’s why I have to keep this keyword in mind – CHANGE!

I have to change my attitude. I have to change my lifestyle. I have to change my way of managing time. I have to change my habit. I have to change my way of thinking.. gosh. (just realized that I have to write down a list for these)

There’s a long way to go and I have to start planning my own life. Some of my buddies had gone into another level of life. I mean, getting married (some of them already have child. congrats).

“Just marry la, Nas”
“Not now. I’m not going to providing only rice for my family”

What now? I have to take this opportunity to embrace myself and plan myself to a be a better one. It’s no matter whether I’m success or fail but the thing is I keep trying my best. (This statement sounds inspiring. Wow)

Change! – Now or never.

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