Post image for Reinvention in Life

Life is interesting, right?

I still remember the moment I started this blog back in 2008. I look back at my posts and laugh myself. The lesson that I learn is – life always change. And time changes people!
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Post image for Successful Leadership Secrets

“History shows us a lot of successful leaders being born around the world where they brought their followers and nations into greater groups and then respectful civilization in the history itself.”
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Post image for Tips to Keep Your Spirit High!

“But sometimes our spirit might fall down due to some reasons such as some kind of obstacles or failures. Let’s see some tips to keep your spirit high along the semester, year or even forever!”
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Post image for Aidiladha 2010: The Implementation

It’s Aidiladha again. And as usual we celebrate it with the feeling of joy and grace to Allah.

As usual the celebration of Aidiladha will make us remember the historical moment of Prophet Ibrahim a.s and Prophet Ismail a.s – the history of sacrifice, patient and obedience. It makes us realize how it is important to understand the concept of sacrifice in our daily life as in fact ‘sacrifice’ itself is very broad to be explained and interpreted.
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Post image for Tuning Up English?

I and my studiomates had done the crit session for our current project and one the feedback that we got is – tune your language.

Well, this is the first time I heard about it. I mean, the term ‘tuning’.
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