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I don’t know how many times I lay my hand on the keyboard just to write this first paragraph and thanks God – I’m doing it. It’s like getting and losing at the same time from nowhere. This is very critical – as I’m currently walking towards the edge.
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Post image for Studying Abroad in Building Student Development

Studying abroad is normally being recognized as a sturdy choice for a student to get education from any foreign nation or from other parts of the globe other than their homeland. It is because studying abroad involves various deals and problems which require various solutions. Whatever it is, study abroad is an important opportunity in building student development.
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“But sometimes our spirit might fall down due to some reasons such as some kind of obstacles or failures. Let’s see some tips to keep your spirit high along the semester, year or even forever!”
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Phew. Not updating for a long time.

And yeah, I’m packing my bag.

It’s true that I feel the semester was going too fast, but in fact there’s a lot of works & tasks done along with the things happened. Some are memorable and I believe that history is the one who make us who we are today.

I’m telling it again – I’m packing my bag.
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*feeling dizzy*

Currently I’m in Port Dickson for site visit and fieldwork. My group are doing study on Pasir Panjang area and it’s quite challenging. Need strength and ideas in the same time so it’s not easy. By the way I always keep in mind that things in life are not easy for us and never thinking of getting silver spoon if you want to achieve success in your life.

When doing things everyday, generally we are dealing with these two things – say and act. We might categorizing people when talking about these but I want to focus on this way – say less and act more.
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