If you are care enough about what is happening nowadays, you will realize that we are being doctrined in every second of our life. Ok, I specify it – political doctrine.
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bn wins at hulu selangor
Congratulations. The next thing is to serve.

I followed the recent Hulu Selangor by-election updates through the Internet – as someone who eager to know new updates and interesting moments out there.

And yes, as had been expected and as usual, election always shows interesting updates and news together with some shocking elements and weird talks.
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There are a lot of small small things in the world those could bring a great massive effect. It’s like a small bullet goes straight through into a tiny part into the head and then the other parts of the body will also die.

I love to read political news and issues and sometimes I thought it’s really funny. Rumors, hot issues and weird sayings are somewhat similar to a thing that we consider as ‘politics’ nowadays. But we do have to concern that politics is a crucial element in life. We need politics to survive in one nation, instead of being used and hunted by a lot of hands behind the smiling faces.

Maybe some of us didn’t know or even don’t want to know about the Budget 2010 incident in a few days ago, but believe me, it’s a serious matter that we have to know and think about it.
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Ms. Alison Brown giving her talk. In front of her is Dr. Rustam,
Head of Department for Dept. Urban & Regional Planning

I attended a talk on planning today. The talk was presented by Ms. Alison Brown from Cardiff University. The talk separated into three parts – ‘Planning for London‘, discussion on planning in KL & London, followed by ‘Urban Policies & The Right to The City‘.

An interesting talk. And there are some important points that had been raised through this 2-hours talk.
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Back again :cool:

I’m currently preparing for my final papers. The first paper on 4th (Saturday) and the last one on 10th (Friday).

Wooh. I’m currently exercising my brain :???:

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes we’re afraid to move on :sad:

Sometimes we’re afraid to pick any choice or believe. Hesitate – always kills our way.

Come on – lets kill the hesitate.
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