Today is my first Mandarin class. Actually the class is not started yet. It was a meeting to choose section and take the text books. I felt amazed to see that there are a lot of people who got interest in learning other language and some of them are taking 2-3 languages! And I just know about this guy, his name is Tun (not Zaitun. He’s a guy)

Actually I have no single intention to take this class. RM99 per semester. A huge amount for me. But when I walked through the promotion counter a brother approached me and told me this and that about the advantages of learning various languages. I didn’t get interested at first. But at a second thought, I thought joining the class will gives a lot of benefits to me. And that’s it. I registered for the class, calling Dad to tell him (actually my intention is to ask money for the fee + he always encourages me to learn various languages). Got the money to pay the fee. Went to the meeting. Chose the section. And I got a textbook. OMG.
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It’s like something is wrong somewhere. But I know that I did wrong. Yes, I did wrong. I did sacrifice but it’s not worth it. I picked the harder way but in the end I got unhappy ending.

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I had posted about how extremely I love PES2009 and why I love it so much.

The current version is PES2010 and to yes, I love this version too. A lot of improvement with better features.

This game somehow motivates me and I had concluded 5 main things from PES2010 that motivate me. Check it out!
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Lately I keep talking about change this and change that. And yes, it’s because in fact change is a normal process in our life. You change, I change. The condition changes. Sometimes we change, and sometimes we are being changed.

Yes, people changes and being changed.
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The previous round had ended. The new round is just about the corner. And there’s a lot of matter to be think about. Past matters. Previous stories. Current condition. Future planning. Gosh. A lot.

And that’s why I need a second thought.
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