The accident that involved a bus in Perak where 10 passengers died and 2 wounded, make me think on how a simple careless act could bring to a terrible loss as it involves people’s life. And  in fact, the loss will also affect the family of the involved passengers.

The factor of the accident then been revealed when the bus driver admitted that he had fell asleep for a while when driving on the day causing him to lose control of the bus which then crashed the divider. Well, I’m not gonna discuss more about this.

When I’m thinking about this incident, a quote came into my mind – don’t let your guard down.
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Well, it’s 1 January 2010 today. Gosh. It’s already 2010. I wonder how time becomes so fast lately. I still remember the previous days in 2009 – hilarious, sad, exciting and 1001 emotions that had been left behind.

Some people might taking the new year as a serious matter while some people don’t. I found some people arguing about this matter through online discussion whether we want to celebrate it or not. My opinion is – it depends on you. If it could bring you a positive move, why not making it as a platform to boost your motivation?
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Yes, time always moves and never going back. That’s a fact. Most of us know about it but somehow we sometimes never realize that time could go faster if we never think about chasing and keep catching it.

The sort of works and tasks is increasing from time to time as well as the responsibilities and needs. There is a lot of jobs to do and in fact we got task for every seconds that we have. Sometimes we might keep saying “I have no enough time” or “I have no time for this” when doing certain tasks. So what should we do?

My answer is – make one.
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I was shocked to read an article on the Internet telling that Eminem had died in a car crash. Well, another celebrity gone, I said. But then when I did a search to know more about his death, I realized that it’s just a hoax.

Sincerely I still cannot guess what is the real intention of these people who spreading the hoaxes on the Internet. Is it for traffic? Or to ruin someone’s reputation? Or it’s just a hobby to trick people and fans? Sometimes I feel these hoaxes are really disgusting. The moment before you’re shocked when reading the news, and now you feel angry or maybe laughing at yourself as you realized that you had been tricked.
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I love to watch the ads promoting milk for kids showing how the milk could help the kids to give more focus & attention while learning in class. Some kids are sleeping, eating and some of them try harder to focus but cannot give attention at all. I forgot which company sponsors the ads but I love to see the light bulb “ATTENTION” on the kids’ heads. And every time I watch this ads, I laughed myself. Hey, is it the fact that older person also have the same problem? That question brings me to write about this post – giving focus & attention.

There are a lot of things in our mind everyday and all these things are mixed up in our daily life. Daily activities, study, assignment, class, coursework and etc. sometimes give us headache. Sometimes I have to ask myself – which one should I do first? It is a normal thing as we human got a lot of responsibilities as we are growing older. And as the solution, I try to suggest an answer, at least for myself that is – giving focus & attention.
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