Life is going on but currently I got problem with myself. I’m losing my focus.

It’s not same like before and I really miss my old time and feeling like I want to go back and enjoy it. I love being kids when there is no any annoying problem burdening me and make me in pain. But unfortunately that thing is not going to happen and the only thing that I can do is looking forward.

OMG. This is hard.
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Being a physically smart person is one of my passion. Some people might be either a mentally or physically smart and some people even get both of them. Being smart in one aspect cannot guarantee you will getting smart in other way, but I believe that these physically and mentally aspects are interrelated to each other so you might get both if you can afford for any of them.

I got inspired by how the lecturers’ dress themselves. Smart, coat, and shining shoes. As my ambition is to be a lecturer, I always think that I have to follow although being smart is in fact a way of dressing that has to be followed by students. However there is something that always make me wonder why some people keep condemning on my concept of being smart which I consider as – tie, coat & shining shoes.
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Blogging is an art for me. It is an art of writing, sharing, discussing, expressing and etc. There are a lot of things that we can do through blogging. A few people become famous and rich through blogging and today it is not a rare thing to know that blogging has becomes a full-time job. For a blogging enthusiast like me, this is a nice phenomenon and I hope the blogging industry will be more advanced from time to time (in fact, it always does).

Yes, it is true that a blogger can express and write anything in his/her blog as it is a right for the particular blogger. But there is a thing that we have to concern when blogging that is – sensitivity.
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Studying in the university giving me a lot of experiences as well as lessons on how things work. Study, studio task, assignments and presentations make me realize that there is a lot of things that we can learn in our life. I met a lot of people with various personalities and sincerely I’m enjoying this.

One of the lessons that I got is the importance of making ourselves flexible. Flexible here means responsive to change and adaptable. So making yourself flexible means being a person that is responsive and adaptive to the situation and environment in order to accomplish certain goals and objectives (This is my understanding. Please correct me if I’m wrong).
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*feeling dizzy*

Currently I’m in Port Dickson for site visit and fieldwork. My group are doing study on Pasir Panjang area and it’s quite challenging. Need strength and ideas in the same time so it’s not easy. By the way I always keep in mind that things in life are not easy for us and never thinking of getting silver spoon if you want to achieve success in your life.

When doing things everyday, generally we are dealing with these two things – say and act. We might categorizing people when talking about these but I want to focus on this way – say less and act more.
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