Getting success and failure are normal things in life. Believe it or not, we are facing these success and failure in every single activity in our daily life – the difference is how big or small or important it is.

It is a common sense that we love success and hate failure. Success makes us happy while failure makes us sad. Success always means win while failure means lose. However in some cases the interpretation is different where some people regards differently than normal.

Sometimes we have to face the failure and in life we cannot avoid this no matter whether you are in sports, working life, study or other fields.

Let’s see 5 useful tips for facing the failure.
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Yes. Obviously. Absolutely.

Life is full of tests. And we can see a variety of them everyday – happen to ourselves and the others.

Some people cry and depressed. Some people calling for help. And some people stand and keep fighting.

It is about facing the tests.

I feel shocked and sad at the same time after knowing about my ex-classmate who had been diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures a few weeks ago. It was in her Facebook’s wall post and yes, it is sometimes to sad to believe but as I always keep in mind – life is going on.
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Phew. Not updating for a long time.

And yeah, I’m packing my bag.

It’s true that I feel the semester was going too fast, but in fact there’s a lot of works & tasks done along with the things happened. Some are memorable and I believe that history is the one who make us who we are today.

I’m telling it again – I’m packing my bag.
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Paris in France is an amazing city and it is one of my dream destination as Paris offers a nice experience and environment for the visitors to feel and enjoy. I read about Paris on the Internet and find some information about comforting bed & breakfast in Paris that you might want to know.

When visiting Paris, the first thing that you need to consider is searching for apartment Paris. An enjoying journey must be complemented with a nice and comforting accommodation so don’t forget this while planning your trip.
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To be honest, I’m a movie lover and sometimes I think it’s suitable to define myself as a movie enthusiast. I believe some people watched a lot of movies until this sec and I’m one of them. I watch anime episodes such as Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail every week (of course, because new episode is being released every week) but watching movies is somehow different as some movies might reflect the things happen in our lives and deliver great meanings.

A good movie for me has a visible and hidden meaning where sometimes hidden meaning only can be revealed through further reading about the movie (I often do this after watching particular movie) or after watching the movie again and again. I got 3 movies that I watch again and again which are Shooter, The Surrogates and Orphan.
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