Aidilfitri is just around the corner – means it’s near the end of Ramadhan for this year. I’m now at my home, drinking Nescafe and facing laptops doing the things I love – doing works and blogging!
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To be frankly teenagers (22 is still teenager!) like me did a lot of sins in our life. We sometimes enjoy ourselves too much or end up boring. However we never know or never realize we did a lot of mistakes although it looks right.

Well, it’s teenagers we’re talking about.

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I just woke up from my so called “go early to sleep”. Again, I still not success in doing it – sleep early and wake up early. This time it’s because of the flu. So I have to sleep later than I’d planned. And it means I might wake up later tomorrow. I don’t want that so I guess it’s better to stay here, in front of my lovely PC and start mumbling!

I got all these blisters since a few weeks ago and it’s still there. “You might get chickenpox,” as doctor said.

“Thank you, doc. So it’s chickenpox or not?”.
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Learning new things is amazing. And it’s feel awesome to explore more and more.

I have a great passion in learning and exploring new things. It might cannot make me become more brilliant but it gives a taste of satisfaction. I believe different people got different taste as different people love different fruits, flowers and girls.
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Being the only child for my parents, I admit sometimes I’m too rely on my parents especially on important matters – finance, banking, housing, car, etc. And honestly I feel too comfortable with it.

“You don’t have to think anything. Just study and make us happy,” that’s what my mom said a few years ago.

But the thing has changed. I’m not a school kid anymore. And I’m capable of getting cash through my own efforts. I realized my parents’ perception towards me had changed.
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