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“History shows us a lot of successful leaders being born around the world where they brought their followers and nations into greater groups and then respectful civilization in the history itself.”
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“But sometimes our spirit might fall down due to some reasons such as some kind of obstacles or failures. Let’s see some tips to keep your spirit high along the semester, year or even forever!”
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“For a company, there must be an employee chosen to be the best employee per month and year. And in every class, there must be the best student who always scores. And the same concept is applied to other situations and organizations too.”

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Life is about making decisions. There are causes and effects. And we have to face the consequences for what we’d done. Same as checking examination result after struggling during semester, checking results in life is like seeing the answers for every puzzles and questions as we keep moving on as:

pay the price means: to accept the unpleasant results of what you have done.
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One thing that I never expect to be happened in my life – I have to choose the sides. Well, it’s there – it’s just I’m not realize it.
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