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Back again.

It is not an easy thing when you have a lot of jobs and requests in one time and the only way to deal with them is putting your hard effort in it. But this is the way I’m doing things and there is a big potential I will do this until the end of my life.
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I know – it sounds simple but in the same time, complex. But this is something that we must have in our hearts – acknowledging fatherhood.
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Post image for Growing Your Motivation

Motivation is something that some people consider as something optional – you can choose whether you want it or not. “He’s motivated but I’m not!” and so on. But this is wrong as we human need motivation in our life.
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We as human have to face a lot of problems and troubles everyday and believe it or not, the best way to overcome this disastrous feeling is by feeling good about yourself.

So how? Here is some of the things that you can do to feel good about yourself.
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Some people might think that blogging is only for certain people or group where this group of people is named as “bloggers”. Well.. this is not true. Yes, people who do blogging can be called bloggers, but that doesn’t mean blogging is not for everybody.
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