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Have you ever watch the movie Surrogates?

Yep. The fictional movie set in 2017 where humans stay in home while their surrogates doing all the works out there – no risk of harming or die from accidents or crime.

So what?
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It’s a long time. Yep, a long time.

And I really have to blame myself for this

Is it a moment of regret?
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*A human trying to fold the huge paper. Nice pic.

Sometimes I feel that I keep postponing this and that. And that’s really really bad. I guess I could done a lot of things including making a post everyday. Logically possible but my bad habit is really irritating.

Back to the topic – Having Add-on.
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Gosh. This is not the first time I realized that I left my blog(s) outdated.

Yeah. I’m talking about time.

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In the pic above (from left): Husz, Afif, Hanif, Syahir, Muhammad, Raiyan, Utu & Hafizi at my home.

It’s Aidilfitri. The day of bless & glory.
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