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Whether we realize it or not, we human have a kind of power that can change the future and next seconds in our life – the power of choice.
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It’s Aidiladha again. And as usual we celebrate it with the feeling of joy and grace to Allah.

As usual the celebration of Aidiladha will make us remember the historical moment of Prophet Ibrahim a.s and Prophet Ismail a.s – the history of sacrifice, patient and obedience. It makes us realize how it is important to understand the concept of sacrifice in our daily life as in fact ‘sacrifice’ itself is very broad to be explained and interpreted.
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I got a spinning headache and went to sleep earlier last night. Gosh. It must be due to the selection in the evening.

And when I woke up.. I just remembered it’s 53rd Malaysia Independence Day!
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I love watching soccer match and often searching for related latest updates on the Internet and I found this interesting event – Standard Chartered’s Little Champions. So what is so interesting about it? For your information, from now till end of March 2010, SCB MasterCard credit cardholders stand the chance to win the “SCB Little Champions” prize for the Knock-out Match, Semi Finals and the Finals in Madrid. Cool!

Yes, this is a good news where children in Asia have the chance to get once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for to be the escorts to world-class soccer players at the 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League matches. Most of us know that UEFA matches are being watched by people all around the world so this is a rare chance in a lifetime for the children to participate in the event. 24 selected children from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Korea will have the chance to be player escorts at AC Milan Vs Marseille match in Milan and Manchester FC Vs Bersiktas JK match in Manchester. This event will be an amazing experience for them.
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Blogging is an art for me. It is an art of writing, sharing, discussing, expressing and etc. There are a lot of things that we can do through blogging. A few people become famous and rich through blogging and today it is not a rare thing to know that blogging has becomes a full-time job. For a blogging enthusiast like me, this is a nice phenomenon and I hope the blogging industry will be more advanced from time to time (in fact, it always does).

Yes, it is true that a blogger can express and write anything in his/her blog as it is a right for the particular blogger. But there is a thing that we have to concern when blogging that is – sensitivity.
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