Some friends keep asking me – how I learn to write and blogging and in English. Well, I have no specific answer about it. And I’m not the one who is talented in English. I’m blogging in English to improve my language skill and then I found it useful for me. First, I feel the improvement of myself. Now I’m not hesitate to write and speak in English, especially with my foreign buddies. Second, I got a lot of friends all over the world. And thru English, I can communicate, discuss, and sharing thoughts with them. It’s awesome! :thumbsup: :lol:

I love my mothertongue language anyway :smile:

Btw, I want to share with you one of the ways how I learn to understand English and apply it, maybe it can give you a clue :razz:

Well, check it out :razz:
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As you can see, I’d changed my blog’s theme.

Well, I can’t afford to modify the old one. Some of my friends and the readers find it too long for loading. Maybe because of the ads :question:

Blogging and bloghopping become my routine nowadays. As long as I can connect to Internet, of course :grin:

Some people say blogging is useless. Some people say blogging is a great hobby. Some people say blogging is a part of our life. And the fact is, some people don’t even know – what a blog is :roll:
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I’m currently in the middle of the various works and assignments that have to be settled, one of them will be preseneted tomorrow. In addition to this, i (again) got headache. Everything’s spinning. uh. And i couldn’t answer the quiz correctly because of the pain :sad:

But I have to continue and keep working, by hook or by crook. it’s now or never.
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Some of my friends keep asking me – “what do u do to boost traffic to your site?”, “can u teach me how to attract visitors?” and etc2.

i’m not kind of a guru to answer those questions but i think sometimes (even normally) traffic is important, especially in applying your site for specific money making programs such as, Backlinks ot TextLinkAds. Even Nuffnang considers about unique visitors per month, i think.

yeah, maybe i can share some points.

well, check it out :razz:
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I’m trying to cheer up myself so I decide to write a review.

As you can see from my popular posts, the most popular post is a review about it’s because of Aeropama’s popularity.. maybe.

Ok. this time, it’s double :razz:

I love blogging as well as visiting others’ blog – it gives me a lot of new knowledge as well as variety opinions and stories.

This is a review about life4hire and callister, maybe some of you familiar with them but for those who are not, i think you should read about them here.

Check it out :wink:
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