Hi friends and fellas, this is an announcement. is now a DoFollow blog!

I realize that this step might attract more uninvited spammers to come, but I believe most of us born with sincerity and goodness thus I’m looking for more relevant comments for my posts.

You leave relevant comments for me, I give you free backlink. It’s so fair and easy, right? Irrelevant comments might be considered as spams so I hope you understand what I mean.

I’m searching for relevant comments. You leave your comment, I’ll follow you!

Still guessing what is the meaning of DoFollow? Read here.

Thanks Michelle Marcucci for the awesome plugin!


Blogging is awesome!

Ok, I’m not in love in something without reasons. So here is the list of 10 reasons why I love blogging.

Check it out =)
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This is an announcement =)

I had launched a new blog. A business-related blog. Introducing – “We Buzz What You Want to See”

Check it out.
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Blogwalking is really fun and sincerely I’m addicted to it.

Some blogs are really interesting and so inspirational. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are some blogs that need to be improved by its owner.

Now I want to introduce a nice blog from India - Rahul’s Blogs – Rahul’s Chill-out Zone.
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I guess most or even all of us don’t prefer to have a long URL for our site or blog. A long URL is harder to remember and the obvious thing is, it’s not cool and attractive.

Need a shorter and easier URL to remember for your blog or site? I have the answer. Introducing – where you can get free & cool URL forwarding for your site.
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