B.URP Accreditation Exercise


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Date :19th January 2009
Venue : KAED Gallery, KAED, IIUM

The picture is so big, huh?

This is the welcome panel for accreditors for accreditors from board of town planners Malaysia.

sorry, i don’t have any pics on that day. and for you information, this pic had been taken on last semester’s portfolio day.

how about accreditation day?

– ok.. it’s all ok. haha 😎 (actually, i dunno what to say) ..the presentation got praises but there’s lack in some aspects such as the application of planning guidelines.

presentation by 2nd year and 3rd year students are also cool :drool: ..but i think they got more advance questions by the accreditors. uh. scary 🙄

i got no much more to say. but i think we had gave our best effort for this accreditation exercise, except when the Q & A session. it looks like we still can’t answer serious questions related to planning studies.

well, it’s a thing to be improved.

that’s it. i got some works to do. uhuh.

see ya 😛

p.s : is ‘accreditator’ a right term for them? uhuh 🙄

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