Budget 2010 66-63 Incident: Small Number, Big Effect


There are a lot of small small things in the world those could bring a great massive effect. It’s like a small bullet goes straight through into a tiny part into the head and then the other parts of the body will also die.

I love to read political news and issues and sometimes I thought it’s really funny. Rumors, hot issues and weird sayings are somewhat similar to a thing that we consider as ‘politics’ nowadays. But we do have to concern that politics is a crucial element in life. We need politics to survive in one nation, instead of being used and hunted by a lot of hands behind the smiling faces.

Maybe some of us didn’t know or even don’t want to know about the Budget 2010 incident in a few days ago, but believe me, it’s a serious matter that we have to know and think about it.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Supply Bill 2010 which scraped through with a majority of three votes at 11.20pm on Monday should serve as a lesson to both Barisan Nasional and the Opposition Members of Parliament, said Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

He said Barisan MPs should not take it for granted that all Bills would be passed without problem even if they skipped attendance in the House.

Pandikar also questioned the move by Opposition MPs in attempting to defeat the Budget.

“We have almost come to the end of the Budget debate. What is your motive for doing that? What can you achieve with that? Do you want a fresh election?” said Pandikar Amin.

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The votes for Supply Bill 2010 or Budget 2010 is 66 – 63. The margin is only 3. And if some of the opposition MPs came and made it 66 – 67 or more, the government will be dissolved and we have to do a new election. Your government’s age is on the line, man. Don’t you afraid of it? Of course you’re.

The situation happened not because of some government MPs choose to oppose the budget, yes, it is not. But because they don’t come to the meeting. Doing task? Vacation? Somewhere else? We don’t have to ask that thing.

The thing that we people want to know is – are you serious in doing your job? Do you guys realize that you’re a member of parliament where you should put your best effort to work for your country and your people?

It’s no matter whether you’re from the ruling party or opposition, please, please and please do it seriously. We people are more than tired to hear the silly jokes from day to day. If you think you can’t do good enough, stop and give the responsibility to other people who can do the job better than you.

We’re here nor to make accusation of any people neither talking about conservative politics or etc., but the only thing that we want is the responsible action from all of you. Our parents pay for your wages and you should know it.

If you think you’re not good enough, please stop telling us the lies. Maybe we’re not there in the House to give a vote for budget, but the votes from us during the election could kill your dreams & vision and you’ll regret for it.

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