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Some of my friends keep asking me – “what do u do to boost traffic to your site?”, “can u teach me how to attract visitors?” and etc2.

i’m not kind of a guru to answer those questions but i think sometimes (even normally) traffic is important, especially in applying your site for specific money making programs such as, Backlinks ot TextLinkAds. Even Nuffnang considers about unique visitors per month, i think.

yeah, maybe i can share some points.

well, check it out 😛

Actually, I don’t want to consider much about this traffic thing but as I myself use AdBrite and Bidvertiser on my site (advertisers bid to place their ads on your site – they consider the traffic, of course) ..i think, I must do something to increase (or even boost) traffic to my site.

Currently the PR is 2. Not bad la for a beginner like me. hehe 😉

so what I do to get the traffic to my site?

Post, Tag & Ping

yeah, of course – blogging a.k.a posting entries to my site. your page rank has the potential to drop down if you don’t post for a long time. this is for blogs. however, some blogs still got a lot of comments although the latest post is written almost 2 weeks ago. i personally advice you to write about the things you love rather that posting entries for money, except you really intend for it, such as posting paid reviews on your site. believe me, posting entries 100% for money can make you upset at the end of the day, if you fail to get what you want. so, it’s easy – write about yourself, what you do, current affairs, your feelings or your political opinions (make sure you be aware in writing political opinions. be moderate)

i’m not really sure about the tags, but i think this maybe can help you to know the most searching trends for keywords from Google. Click here.

after posting the entry to the site, i usually will ping my post at It will ping your post through a variety of ping services. what is ping? hm.. it’s like bumping your latest post up. what is it mean? uhuh. i don’t really know.

after that?

Blogger to Blogger

yeah. blogger to blogger interaction. first, i will reply the comments from the readers in the previous posts. If they put their e-mail, they’ll get my reply in their mail inbox. if they curious or want to reply, they’ll visit my site and will noticed that there’s a new post. well, they’ll leave their comments at the latest post and – this process will happen again and again. automatically, you will have your frequent readers! :thumbsup:

second, after posting an entry, i’ll visit the other blogs through my link page. the purpose is to make sure that they notice the backlink from my site. then, i’ll leave my comments there. make sure that your comment is relevant to the post. do it sincerely as they will do the same for you 😛

and in this blogger to blogger aspect, I found that shoutbox helps me a lot, especially for those who want to say ‘Hi’ or don’t have any idea to leave the comments for the posts.

Spottt, Entrecard & Social Bookmarking

if you notice the 125 x 125 spottt ads at the top corner in my sidebar, the ads will change once you reload my site. that’s spottt – the effective free link exchange!

it’s simple. visit, get an account and put the code in your site.. and it works! 😛

i noticed some blogs put entrecard on their sites and then i try to apply and put it on my site. omg. it’s awesome! an effective tool for getting traffic 😛 i’m actually still don’t understand about this entrecard but i found that you can make money by selling points to the others – i still exploring on that thing.. maybe anyone of you can explain it to me? :tongue:

the other one is social bookmarking, i’m currently use, MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. It helps me a lot to meet new friends and discover awesome blogs on the net. i’m on my way to add my participation in the other social bookmarking.. i’ll do it step by step.

Free Web Traffic & Free Viral

I found these types of sites are good for getting traffic too. You have to visit other sites, get the generation codes to register your sites. Imagine the same thing happen to your site. Of course, the number of unique visitors per month will be increased! 😛

To join Free Web Traffic, click here

To join Free Viral, click here


uhu. i think i wrote to much. actually, there’s a lot of ways to boost traffic to your site. it’s not enough to put all the ways in just one post. you even need a blog to explain about it.

i’m not giving tips. i just share what i know and what i do to get traffic to my site. for my friends who want to know about this traffic thing, i hope i’d answered your question.

i repeat my advice – do what your love and put the sake for money at the second place, except you really really want to do so.

good luck and see ya! 😛

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