Blogging & Sensitivity


Blogging is an art for me. It is an art of writing, sharing, discussing, expressing and etc. There are a lot of things that we can do through blogging. A few people become famous and rich through blogging and today it is not a rare thing to know that blogging has becomes a full-time job. For a blogging enthusiast like me, this is a nice phenomenon and I hope the blogging industry will be more advanced from time to time (in fact, it always does).

Yes, it is true that a blogger can express and write anything in his/her blog as it is a right for the particular blogger. But there is a thing that we have to concern when blogging that is – sensitivity.

I became amazed to read a statement in a local blog insulting the death of someone important in they eyes of the people. It is a sad thing and somewhat shame to know that there is people (blogger) who tend to cross the line and ignoring other people sensitivity. Latest news reported that the responsible blogger had been arrested and had apologized before that but for me, it is not the end of the story.

I wonder whether blogging had made us so confident in expressing feelings so some people tend to say whatever they want to say. I love to read political blogs no matter what the ideology is but sometimes I found that the writer had gone too far expressing their ideas and ignoring the sensitivity. Being brave is good but you must have your limit. Even telling a good thing need a good method.

I used to write a post about someone’s death last year (I had removed the post) and had been requested by the responsible reader to remove it as the post involved other people sensitivity. And I removed it. And since that day I am very careful in writing posts especially when it is involving other people or parties.

Sensitivity is something that we must keep in mind while writing. Use the platform to give benefits to the other people and we might find blogging more interesting and amazing more than what we had expected.

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