Between Money & Dignity



It’s a fact that we need money in our life. We need money to survive. We need money if we want to marry. And that’s why human today searching money for life.

But sometimes human prefer money than dignity, as far as we can see.

Some people believe that no money means no life. And money gives life. Money is everything. You are nothing without money. Life is about money. These beliefs become a must nowadays. They are accepted and acknowledged in our life.

I feel sorry to read articles in magazines and newspapers about people who sold their dignity for money. I’ll not go specifically, but if I mention it’s about prostitution until bribery, I guess you know what I mean.

Some people tend to do everything just for money. And of course, they don’t care if they lose their dignity. Maybe you think that someone can protect his or her dignity by hiding the truth, but believe me, even your shadows cannot hiding although you always flee.

Sincerely, I lose my respect to someone who I had greeted as a leader for the entire part of my life. But money changed everything. Sincerity had been burned out with money. And I feel sorry for the people who really in need. They have to pay, of course, but I cannot accept service charge as a way of showing thanks.

Maybe you’ll be delighted in the next few years but I rather feel the pain than be ashamed of myself for my entire life.

Money kills you, pal.

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