Between Death & Hoax

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I was shocked to read an article on the Internet telling that Eminem had died in a car crash. Well, another celebrity gone, I said. But then when I did a search to know more about his death, I realized that it’s just a hoax.

Sincerely I still cannot guess what is the real intention of these people who spreading the hoaxes on the Internet. Is it for traffic? Or to ruin someone’s reputation? Or it’s just a hobby to trick people and fans? Sometimes I feel these hoaxes are really disgusting. The moment before you’re shocked when reading the news, and now you feel angry or maybe laughing at yourself as you realized that you had been tricked.

Some people might think that it’s funny, but I guess it’s not. Playing with the lies is not a good thing to do and sometimes it causes a lot of effects. Yes, negative effects. When Brittany Murphy died on December 20 there were a lot of fans asking whether it is true or just a hoax plus that there was a hoax before saying that Matt Damon had died. People waiting for the answers and then it was proven true when the official news reported on her death. It’s like people are getting familiar with hoaxes and keep asking whether it’s true or not.

Hoaxes could be spread through blogs and emails and sometimes a question comes in my mind – are they getting paid for this? Money could be the factor, but somehow I believe it’s not.

Some people said hoax sometimes can be good too. Well, maybe. When rumors and hoaxes are spreading on the Internet, people will start looking for answer and automatically the name of the involved celebrity will become popular in a certain time. The obvious result can be seen through Google Trends and when the people realized that it’s just a hoax, the number of popularity will reduce from time to time.

Well, it’s up to them to spread hoax all over the Internet and create a shocking environment that they might love to see. As for me, it’s not a good thing to do as you are dealing with the lies. Always looking for the trusted source and think twice before you accept any news.

p.s: I still remember how busy the online traffic upon the confirmation of Michael Jackson‘s death.

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