Before You Regret


“Am I think before I do something?”
“Am I did the wrong things today?”
“Am I regret of what I’d done?”

These questions keep running in my head, especially while waiting my eyes to close down at night.

Life is full of choices, we have to choose them.

Think, observe, then think again, again, again, and again.

Before you regret.

This post is not related with the book ‘Before You Regret’ written by Harun Yahya. However, i had red the book and sincerely, it’s an interesting book :batting: . You can download it here:

back to the point.

That’s a reason for every entries that I post. The entries at least, must be related to myself.


I found myself as a guy who seldom thinking before doing something. I always prefer act as the first step, and then keep thinking as the next step. That means, I always act before i think.

And as the result, I always regret of what I had done.

Well, I wanna make myself as well as you realize – do something without thinking is hazardous not a good thing to do.

And I got several points.

– you will regret on what you had done, maybe forever
– you cannot rewind the time, even if you can repair the damage you’ done
– you gonna be in deep s***t trouble 😮
– you might lose trust from the others
– you might get other problems after what you’d done

The Matters

I’m not doing research in family matters, and I don’t have any experience about this thing, but as far as I read from the mags and newspapers – most of the divorce cases happen when people ignore to think before they doing something, to be specific – saying ‘words’.. 😡 and then regret on what they said and done. And I’m very sorry to see those children become the victims of these ignorance.

And yet, I still found a lot articles about girls who chose the wrong paths – having babies without legal father 🙁 . Gratefully, they regret and repented. It’s surely a good thing to repent, but why don’t you think before you do the wrong things?

Well, i don’t want to talk more about this, just to show how an ignorance of this matter can make you regret until the rest of your life.

Regret In Life

Everyone will feel regret, the different is – what the thing that make they feel regret.

A student will feel regret as well as a university student or a people who in working life. A student may feel regret if he/she can’t score in exam because didn’t concentrate enough on study, a daddy may regret because he can’t even teach his children to become good people and bla.. bla.. bla..

The conclusion is, you feel regret because of the wrong things that you did.

The Solutions (?)

These are some ways that I found for myself to solve this thinking-ignorance. They are based on my opinion, maybe you have the other ways those are more effective than mine.

1. Take time to think before doing something

2. Write something that you want to do – the write the possible effects, positive and negative

3. Ask for other people opinions – friends/colleagues/parents – before taking any action

4. Always believe that you have the ability to think – so think rationally

5. Revise the thing that you had did – to avoid you repeat the mistakes that you had done

Well, i’m neither a motivator nor a psychologist. I just write on what I feel and what I wanna share with the readers.

The best thing that I get

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Thanks guys, I just about lost it loniokg for this.


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Perfect. Just exactly like the couple of years I spent consulting "inside the Beltway". Couldn't be more true. Took years to wash away the stench of the filth of it all.


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