Battling Procrastination: The Power of Self-forcing!


Again and again – procrastination is one of the inner diseases that is still haunting us in our daily life. A huge amount of works, tasks, jobs and deadlines make the problem worst.

Procrastinators delay till the day when tomorrow what they started to realize that they must have done the job the day before yesterday.

We sometimes have to work on unpleasant works. Getting rid of garbage, completing assignments or cleaning our home are some of not the fun ways to spend our time. However procrastination leads to postponing doing these unpleasant but very important things. And that is where the problems begin.

Assignments are not yet to be completed, deadlines pass, jobs move to other applicants those who got their resumes in the employers on time. A favorite question is – why this procrastination happens?

Here are some of the reasons.

  • “I have a lot of time” – You procrastinate the completion as if you have so much time to complete it.
  • “I’m not ready to finish the tasks” – You feel you don’t have a suitable time, tools and proper facility to complete the task.
  • “I feel intimidated by the tasks” – You feel overwhelmed by huge and complicated tasks.
  • “I don’t know how to decide” – Deciding choices might be burdensome and results in postponing it.
  • “I feel fear of failure” – You feel doubt about your ability in completing the tasks and feel negative about your talent thus making you fear of failure in making it happens.

So how to overcome this procrastination madness?

I would recommend to myself and you – to apply the power of self-forcing!

The power of self-forcing is the power force yourself to get the tasks done and more specific – the more important tasks to be done. Rather than keep waiting – put your full effort and force yourself to get it done!

This might sound simple but if you take it lightly – you might back to your moments of procrastination.

  • I can do this!
  • I can complete this!
  • I have the ability to complete this!
  • Nobody can complete this task except myself!
  • This task will be completed by me!
  • I have to do this!
  • I will do this!

It’s time to change our mindset towards making our daily tasks done and eliminating the procrastination from bothering our life and moving towards success in our life!

Get an insight of yourself. Believe in yourself and your ability.

It’s time to apply the power of self-forcing!

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