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Ramadhan comes again. And I could feel that I’m entering a new ‘phase’.

And plus, we’re just completed the technical report.

So what?

To be sincere, I feel so so so regret with what I’m done during previous years’ Ramadhan. I mean what I didn’t do – Tarawih, Tadarus, etc. and that’s mean I missed a lot of great chances during this blessing month.

Thanks God, I’m still alive.

And I’m gonna grab the chance.

I think it’s no need for detailing but one thing that we need to concern is Ramadhan is not about fasting. Everybody’s talking about Ramadhan and saying adressed the “fasting month” but do we understand the real meaning of interpretation itself?

I’m not going to say – “Yes, I understand well.” But I understand Ramadhan is not just about fasting. Ramadhan is like a madrasah (school) or a filter for us. That’s mean this is the time to realize and improve ourselves in this temporary life.

I guess I’m having a nice starting.. and I have to maintain it (as far as I could).

Talking about study, I and my studiomates had completed the technical report for Banting town centre. And we had been rearranged into new groupds with smaller number of members. Now 5 groups with 7 members for each group.

Goodbye Fulcrum & Ekistics. And say Hello for Neon Consultant!

Akem (my new boss)
Zett (assistant)
..and me

New month, new phase, new group, new mates.. I feel so relieved!

p.s: Hope the new mood helps me a lot. Amin.

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