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Hi there! :wave:

I watched jackass 2.5 last night and omg.. I don’t want to watch it again :madtongue:

so what’s up?

giving present is a type of compliment and courage to the others :gift:

and today, I’ll give awards to the blogs under some categories. These awards not been given to make the blogger over-proud, but as a compliment for them to write more interesting entries for the readers.

and as far as I concern, this is my personal awards for them. hehe 😀

Let’s see who are they 😉

The first award goes to: – Anugerah Blogger Inspirasi is a personal blog owned by Syam. Why gets this award? Because this blog provides you a variety of inspirational and motivational entries. Some entries give you a brief explanation and information about certain general things that you must know in this life. Personally, this blog inspires and influences me in posting entries and giving comments. Congrats! :clap:

I had made a review of You can read it here

Second award goes to: – Anugerah Blogger Mithali is also a personal blog owned by a designer, MizzAmy. And I call her Kak Amy. Well, sometimes I feel her like my own sister (I myself don’t have any siblings 🙄 ). I love her writing style especially:


hehe 😀

..and her blog contains her own daily stories and believe me, her writing style had made her posts interesting to read. That’s why readers love to leave their comments for MizzAmy’s entries.

Besides that, also contains the pictures of herself, her friends, her car named Titot :chicken: and the pictures related to her entries.

The great thing that you find about her is she will reply to all of your comments. So hardworking, hehe 😀 Her blog’s theme and the way she write the posts will entertain you. For me, she is a friendly lady and it’s nice if you know her 😉 That’s why got this Anugerah Blogger Mithali from me :love:

these awards are in Bahasa because i don’t find suitable title for the awards. uhu :blush:

syam and kak amy, don’t forget to put these awards in your posts/sidebar ye :batting:

for my friends who also always accompany me, maybe you’re next! 😉

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