Anwar – Shabery Debate : A Lesson


anwar-shabery debate
I watched the debate between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Shabery Cheek last night. People crowded at the cafe and it was the big crowd i ever seen (at the cafe)

The debate entitled “Hari ini membentuk kerajaan, esok turun harga minyak” (β€œToday we form the Government, tomorrow the fuel prices will go down) is a big chance for me to watch the rarely seen live debate on tv, since i had watched a lot of debate contest between students and last night, it was a ‘real’ debate.

The debate is so interesting and i love to watch both debaters backing their points with facts and sometimes, humour.

So what? :mean:

it was a lesson πŸ™‚

I’ll not write about political issues here πŸ˜€ cause the political scene is.. uh. you know that. who’s right? and who’s wrong? uh. don’t want to talk about that πŸ™„

This entry is related to syam’s recent post at, however this entry is based on my perception and understanding.

There’s something new that i got last night – how the ‘real’ debaters speak.

yeah, i never watch real debates like this. even ‘debat perdana’ didn’t attractive for me because sometime i feel it bias. last night’s debate was 50-50 (or 60-40, or whatever, i don’t know)

well, i got some points from the debate on how the debaters speak:

1. Confident & Right posture
This is the most important thing that i realized from the starting point of the debate. Both of them were so confident and for me, this is basic thing that i must have to speak in front of the people. You need a right posture because it’ll help you to speak confidently. Stand with confident, take a look at the audience and then start to give your points. Be confident, and you’ll get a audience claps :clap:

2. Smooth speech & Punctual
The second point that i’d noticed was both debaters speak smoothly without ‘’ or ‘er… er..’ or whatever. The points had been given clearly and i think the audiences can understand what they were talking about. Don’t also forget that you’ll not speak until the end of the session. Your time is limited so use it wisely. Simple notes might help you. Use suitable words if you don’t have enough time like “okay, we continue this later” or etc.

3. Have strong facts
Have a good voice or presentation style is not enough. You must have strong facts or you are dead meat :beatup: . Obviously, the facts given helped both debaters backing their points and i think strong facts can make a person speak confidently because once you get a wrong fact, the rest of your speech will be considered as rubbish by the audience. No one gonna believe you. So, never bluffing the audiences with the wrong facts.

4. Humor sense
This is also an important thing because if you talk straightly in a serious manner without any humor sense, the audience will get bored with your speech. However, make sure it is an ethical humor and suitable with what are you talking about. Don’t make you audiences sleepy. Try to get their attention and responds. However – don’t make too much jokes because you are not a part-time clown on the stage :clown:

5. Body language
This is the special characteristic that i’d noticed from Anwar Ibrahim. his hands were never stopped moving and his body was moving lively along with his speech. body language is not only for your speech, it’s also a way to respond. if you watched the debate last night, you can see how anwar ibrahim responded to shabry’s points (shabry liked to attack anwar’s personality and history rather than spoke about the issue. i don’t know why)

okay. end of the speech. but wait, there’s another important point.


6 .Respect & Ethical
This is also an important point that you must remember. People will not judging you only from your speech, but also from your attitude. Don’t forget to respect your opponent (if you’re debating) after the debate has ended. I was so impressive watching anwar and shabery shaking their hands and smiling towards each other at the end of the debate. my point is, show your respect to the others :hugs: . and do what you speak. your words are your promises to yourselves.

well, it’s easy to say something, gossiping or even chatting with your friends, but when it comes to speak in front of the audiences, you have to be serious about it.

i’m not a motivator. i just write what i got from last night’s debate.

oh, i’m gonna practice what i’d got.

last night’s debate. i love it. it was a lesson πŸ˜‰

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