Anwar & Permatang Pauh : You Should Know


busy doing works + sometimes my broadband got problem. sheesh.

and now i manage to update.

i was doing works last night, when one of my friends called me and shouted – “Anwar menang!”

well, actually i was following the updates through utusan online and

am I going to talk about the damn politic? maybe, no.

but when we talk about datuk seri anwar ibrahim, or, permatang pauh, it’s a thing that you should know.

dsai won last night with the majority of 15,671 votes.

some of my friends looked happy and some of them kept silent – i know they dislike the 61-years old PKR de facto leader (now, he’s a parliament member)

i, myself don’t know who i’m gonna support – the ruling government or the pakatan rakyat.

i’m just the one who like to wait and see.

the only thing that i amazed is dsai still managed to win although there were some kind of allegations and had been personally criticized in media.

omg. he has such a strong influence.

but the thing that i want to say is – even you are not interested with this political things, at least you should know who is anwar, and what is permatang pauh that had been talked about since the nomination day.

one of my colleagues came last night. something wrong with his laptop and he asked me to fix it. ok, so i fixed it. although i was so sleepy.. ok la.. kawan2 kan..

while fixing the laptop, i was trying to open a mini discussion about permatang pauh election result.


myself = I ; my colleague = C

I : well, what’s ur opinion about today’s election?

C : election? what election? (omg. you don’t know about that??)

I : er.. you don’t know about that? the one in permatang pauh.

C : oh..


(i was so bored fixing that thing so I continued the discussion)

I : you know, anwar won with a majority that more than his wife’s in last 8th May election.

C : anwar?

I : yeah, anwar. datuk seri anwar ibrahim.

C : you mean the former TPM? he’s going back to politics? i thought he’s still in prison!

I : er.. yeah (damn! i really gonna bang the laptop onto his head!) 🙄


aiya.. we’re university’s students la bro. even the villagers know who anwar ibrahim is.

go read the newspapers or if you really reluctant to use your money, you can read the updates in the Internet.

don’t only think about your enjoy life, your girlfriend and your damn bike.

the politic affects us, our family and generation as the rakyat of this country.

although we are not the active supporters from any party, at least we should know the current local situation.

i personally like to discuss among my friends from different political beliefs, some of the are really extreme – but it’s ok for me. i just discussing to open my mind and to compare. i respect their understanding and principles in politics.

but don’t tell me that you don’t know anything. don’t be ‘katak bawah tempurung’.

being a student, or an officer, a farmer, or etc2 – not means that we only knows and concern about what we do everyday. we are the rakyat. we have the right in this country. and we have to know the situation.

gosh. i’m not writing about politics. but some people don’t even concern about this serious matters.

i guarantee he don’t know who is datuk arif shah and hanafi mamat.

please. add yourself with the thing you should know.

i pray for our country to be a peaceful and harmonious country, a great and understanding government, a tolerance multi-cultural community and a safe place to live. Amin.

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