Answers in Life


Life is full of questions. Everyday we seeking for answers in our life :question:

“Who am I?”
“Why I’m here?”
“Why I’m doing this?”
“How to do this?”

..and etc2.

Human never feel satisfied, especially in searching for answers in this temporarily life. Again and again, we’re looking for the answers in life.

The Phenomenon in Daily Life

We always asking questions in our daily life. Most of time we’ll ask ourselves questions. This is what we called as monologue. The popular question is – “What’s the time now?”

Sometimes we’ll asking ourselves – “What I’m gonna do now?” and sometimes we’re asking ourselves a lot of questions when we feel regret – “What I’d done?” , “What’ll happened to me??” 😯

If you start to realize it, there’s more than thousand questions you have in your daily life.

And in daily life, we human asking questions among us – sometimes we’re asking and sometimes we have to answer the questions. Some questions are personal, academic, technical, irritating, inspirational and some questions are in compliment, for example – “Do you know that I always love you?” ..well, it’s gonna be longer if I try to describe the all the questions here.

You can read more here.

The Hunger For Answers

Human never feel satisfy, especially in seeking the truth. It was estimated that there are 130,000 new books published every year in the United Kingdom. In the United States of America, the number is a staggering 190,000! And until now, it’s a normal thing to know there are new discoveries everyday.

Scientists looking for answers, planners looking for solutions, and laymen keep waiting the ansers from the politicians. well, sometimes they got the wrong answers 🙄

However, the ultimate question for human is about ourselves – from where we come, what are we doing here on Earth, what happened to them, what’s happening in our life and etc. And that’s why some people are believing in the theory of evolution as an easy way to get the answers.

Human become eager when there’s something they really need to know – history, academic, entertainment, sports or even the tips, tricks and techniques (gosh. i received many questions on how to boost traffic to your site)

Slumdog Millionare : Where Life Gives The Answers

I watched Slumdog Millionare for the first time last night. I think most of you had watched it. You can watch the trailer here.

Just to make it short, Slumdog Millionare is about a guy that used to live in slums, and then becomes a chaiwalla (people who serving tea) becomes a millionare thru the program “Who Wants To Be A Millionare?”. And his epxerience in life gives him the answers, except for the final question, where he gambled to guess the answers and fortunately, he got it right! :halo:

When asked by the police 😈 (Jamal had been in custody, accused for doing fraud) how he managed to answer the questions, one of his answers is – “You don’t have to be a genius”.

I think by watching the film, you’ll got my points.

I’m not studying philosophy, but there are a lot of interesting things that we don’t realize happened in our life everyday. I admit I always thinking in an absract way but by realizing these things, there’s a way for us to be a better person :thumbsup: (sometimes it’s not, even it can make someone becomes worst :down: )

There are answers four your questions in life. You just have to search for it 🙂

Life’s going on. See ya 😛

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