Americans are not stupid? Lets judge it.



I found an interesting video in Youtube entitled – Americans are NOT stupid.

please watch until the end of the video.

now. lets judge it.

i’m not a kind of bias person whom like to judge only on one side.

when you say a person is stupid, is it mean there’s no other stupid person? :suspicious:

ok. i try to share my opinion on both sides.


I strongly agree that United States of America is a current dominant power in this era. But it’s a shame that some of its citizens even don’t realize that their own country’s name start with the alphabet ‘U’  :shrug:  i’m also very surprised that some of them even didn’t know who is fidel castro and what is the main religion of israel! uhuk3. fidel castro is a singer? and israel is a muslim country? wt*. i think obama should introduced an education slot for all tv channels in usa.


well, it’s not fair to blame the people on the video. maybe they’re too nervous answering questions? haha. i dunno. i’m sure that they’re a lot of people in usa can answer those questions and yeah, for sure they’re not included in the video. it’s like you do the same survey in KL – some of them can answer the question, and some of them may not. one of my friend even doesn’t know where is Gaza. it’s true that the people in the video can’t answer the questions but my point is – don’t blame all Americans because of a single video (i’m referring to several bias posts that also discussing about this video)

that’s it. from my personal opinion, obama will brings the change although some inherited policies will stay the same.

think about it.

p.s : i’m not interested on writing political posts. this point of the discussion is the video.

p.s.s : i’m searching for local video with the same type of survey. wanna know how our people answering it.

p.s.s.s : beware, maybe the questioner will approaches you on the street one day! :thumbsup:

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