Am I A Better Person?


Aidilfitri is just around the corner – means it’s near the end of Ramadhan for this year. I’m now at my home, drinking Nescafe and facing laptops doing the things I love – doing works and blogging!

The tired feeling from driving all the way from KL had gone and now it’s time to do some works including completing studio works, studying for the coming exam and preparing for this coming Raya. But I should keep in mind that it’s still Ramadhan and we still have to chance to do our best from this holy month.

And as usual I love to ask myself questions and this time – am I a better person now?

I guess the answer is abstract and different people will give different answers for the same question. Fixed projections might work well for business performance, but I guess it’s not same when we talk about human. Several indicators might help to know the outcome.

  • Do I manage my time well?
  • How is my current relation with parents, family, relatives, teachers, friends and others?
  • Do I perform well in both study and business?

The most important indicator is the change. Do I change? Is it a lot or just a little? Is it positive or negative? Then I could find the answer for the main question. It’s not the ultimate answer, but it might help a lot.

Well, we’re human and in our life we keep changing. The question is whether it is a positive one or not.

Am I a better person? 50-50 I guess.

How about you guys?

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