All Good Things Need Time


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We – human are all looking for good things in our life. Best luck, big wealth, success in career or business – are some of the things that keep flying in our minds.

We are all loving to have good things in our life. However life is life and for most of the times it is not an easy matter to get what we want to have.

Yesterday I read an interesting quote by Nelza Rahim from GadgetGarments – yet she loves to RTs a lot of meaningful quotes.

All good things need time

This quote made me think for a moment.

I’m in my struggling era of my life. I put my effort to build my business everyday. I’ve contacted a lot of prospects. I’ve collected a number of listings to be sold. I went here and there for my career and business. But at certain point I felt upset on my own efforts and lost my momentum.

Thanks God I always believe that it is not always an easy thing to get what you want and thus – I chose the harder path in life.

You might put a lot of efforts to get what you want in your life. You work hard to build your business. You put a lot of efforts to be with the person that you love. You study hard to success in your education. Or you might still wondering why there is no good results although you tried for 1000000th time?

I’ve found the longer version of this quote from GoodReads:

All good things need time, care and patience to come into reality.”  ? Danielle Barone

Always believe that all good things can happen when the right time comes. What we need to do is keep putting our effort and never feel hopeless and despair until we achieve our target.

Relax your mind for a moment. Take a deep breath and read this – all good things need time!

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