Assalamualaikum & hi everybody! 😛

It’s great to be back on this blog again.

Well.. it’s such a long time, since I was preparing for final papers, went home for holiday and yeah.. i can’t afford to use dial-up connection and now.. it’s streamyx in my home. yeah! :keh:

Thanks for friends for your concern about me, especially kak ixor@. I always here, just doing some stuffs back in my home.

ni yang terasa nak belanja kak ixor@ makan ni.

well.. what I’m gonna write?

yeah. the things that had happened 😎

The Final Papers

I have nothing much to say. My hand felt like shiver and the night before the exam, I revise the notes for 2-3 times. It’s just because I felt so so so scared on what gonna happen on the next day.

Will I feel regret tomorrow? Or will I satisfy? omg.

Talking about the exam days, I have my own style of facing them – by feeling afraid. It sounds weird but the feeling actually helps me a lot. But the best damn thing is – it really made me forgot to take my meals.

Pack the notes in mind. Set up. And I’m ready to go.

I’m not a kind of smart student and I have to study hard. That’s it. And my head sometimes has possibility to blown up.

Tilawah II >>> Fardhu Ain >>> Principles of Urban & Regional Planning I >>> Geomatic >>> Site Planning

and we’re done! :thumbsup:

omg. one more thing. the scary feeling and curiousity after the final exam. sheesh :banghead:

South Journey / Jaulah / Kembara Selatan

There must be something to release the pasca-final feeling. So I decided to join ‘Kembara Selatan’ with my seniors and buddies. The journey was held under Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional (PEMBINA). We went to Johor, Melaka & Negeri Sembilan. wow. I saw a lot of new things along the journey.

We met great people and do some charity works in Johor.

Playing football under the sun at Port Dickson, met hilarious Tom’s family and visit people with chronic disease – it brought a lot of meanings to me.

oh yeah. I made my personal record in this journey. We had some futsal match and I scored double-hatrick for our futsal team’s victory.

haha (separuh riak :drool: )

Well, time to go back.

At Kulai, Johor before we going back to Gombak

Home Sweet Home

Finally, I’m at home 😛

wargh!! what to do? so I and my friends decided to organize a Qiamullail programme for the villagers. it’s free. we got a marvellous response from the villagers. wow. it’s great. thanks villagers of Kg Bukit Chempedak, Labu Besar! I still not get any pics from my friend yet, so it’s not here now.

Then? Camping at Bendang Man, Sik. Like usual, I’m searching for new friends and I met a doctor. He is a surgeon and now works at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Sungai Petani. And a friend from Insaniah that loves to cook and it’s very suitable for me because.. I only like to eat! 😈 We play some water games like water polo (er.. it’s not like the one in the TV) and some ‘physical exercise’. I got some bruises. well, you know what I mean (T_T)

Several days after camping.. Streamyx in A Box arrived at my house!!! I was waiting for it for a long time. Thanks a lot, Mom! :notworthy: – and that’s how I’m back today.

The Examination Result

omg. It’s the thing that I’m waiting and at the same time, feeling very scared to see it. It’s Mirahida who asked me how about my result.

and.. I.. saw.. it..


Indeed, I was very shocked. I ran to the kitchen and hugged my Mom. Then I called Dad at office.
“Be grateful la” – Dad

Alhamdulillah. Thanks God. I got Dean’s List.

of course, Mirahida got better result than me :notworthy:

thanks to lecturers, friends and especially my ‘madam’ – nelza. she taught me a lot of things.
thanks, nel. hope to have chance doing works with u again.

But the journey is still long to go. I need to study harder to maintain what I got.

Friends, pray for me 😉


And again, Alhamdulillah.


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