Aidilfitri: The Day of Bless & Glory



In the pic above (from left): Husz, Afif, Hanif, Syahir, Muhammad, Raiyan, Utu & Hafizi at my home.

It’s Aidilfitri. The day of bless & glory.

I guess the things above is enough to be posted but I feel like I’m gonna add something more.

Bless & Glory

Glory is glory. Bless is bless. But sometimes glory not mean it is a bless. Aidilfitri is a glorious day. The day where the glory is been blessed. Glory from the war upon nafs (desire) – eating, drinking and other things that are motivated us to improve our manner and become a better person.

We have to feel grateful that we can celebrate Aidilfitri in a peace and harmonious condition. We can celebrate with our family & friends happily during Aidilfitri. Two questions here – first, while celebrating Aidilfitri, how much we concern about them who still in poor and hunger all over the world? and second, do we really won in the ‘real’ war?

Something to think about.

This Aidilfitri somewhat different for me. This is the first time I be the Imam and Khatib for Aidilfitri prayer. I’m quite nervous but as it is the rare chance that I got in my life, I took it seriously and Alhamdulillah managed to handled it properly. A brother there said that “we younger generation should start transferring what older generation hold today to us“. Yes, I agree with him. And we should glad to see there are more masjid and suraus give chance to the teen and younger generation to learn and manage various activities such as prayers, tazkirahs and usrahs.

Aidilfitri. It’s a day of bless & glory.

Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Walillahilhamd.

For all Muslim readers, Happy Aidilfitri!

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