Aidiladha 2010: The Implementation

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It’s Aidiladha again. And as usual we celebrate it with the feeling of joy and grace to Allah.

As usual the celebration of Aidiladha will make us remember the historical moment of Prophet Ibrahim a.s and Prophet Ismail a.s – the history of sacrifice, patient and obedience. It makes us realize how it is important to understand the concept of sacrifice in our daily life as in fact ‘sacrifice’ itself is very broad to be explained and interpreted.

Different people would give different meaning and interpretation of what is sacrifice in their mind.

Well, so how we can implement the concept of sacrifice in our daily life?

First I would like to share an interesting quote by our Prime Minister:

We should look at sacrifice from the small scope of sacrificing animals to a wider scope in every moment of our life. For instance, we must sacrifice by contributing more of our energy, thoughts, expertise and time for the country’s transformation in various fields like economy, education, social and politics.

From this quote we can see that we should see the concept of sacrifice from every aspect instead of looking strictly from particular scope or view. And at this rate, we should understand how we can sacrifice through our contribution to our nation. Our valuable thoughts, ideas and expertise are needed for the development of our country and nation.

Sacrifice needs efforts, patience and wisdom. It should go through our hearts and minds and we must sincere to achieve the true meaning of sacrifice.

Let’s appreciate this meaningful history so we can understand the true meaning and virtues behind it.

Happy Aidiladha 2010 for all Muslims all around the world!

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