Aidiladha 2009: The Message of Sacrifice

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Today we celebrate one more festival in Islam that is Aidiladha / Eid-al-Adha. Talking about Aidiladha brings us to mention about the concept of sacrifice. Before I start to write about this topic, please correct me if I’m wrong.

A celebration must not be looked as just as an annual festival. Sacrifice in Aidiladha has its own message and meaning that we need to understand and feel. Yes, the message of sacrifice.

Aidiladha normally signifies with the story of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and Prophet Ismail a.s. with his mother Hajar. The first sacrifice done by Hajar when Prophet Ibrahim a.s has to left her and Prophet Ismail a.s. to continue his mission n da’wah. The second sacrifice is when Prophet Ibrahim a.s. had been commanded by Allah s.w.t to slaughter his own son that is Prophet Ismail a.s. Amazingly Prophet Ismail a.s. accepted this command as it is a command from Allah s.w.t. Prophet Ismail a.s. then been changed with a sheep after he couldn’t be slaughtered when the knife suddenly became blunt.

There are also some events occurred such as the foundation of Zam-Zam well but I just mention the general events.

There are several messages that we can get from this story that is significant in Aidiladha. They are:

  • The strength of the woman as a wife and a mother to sacrifice as she understand her responsibility towards her husband and child.
  • The patience of a father to do his responsibility towards his child.
  • The responsibility of a child to accept and understand the responsibility of his/her mother and father.
  • Good virtues – responsible, patience normally will be rewarded by good things/results in our life or Hereafter.

These are some points that I could extract from this story. Well, some people asked me if I could relate the sacrifice with blogging. Yeah. Blogging needs sacrifice too. You have to think and work where it consumes your time and energy. If we sacrifice to our heart and do it in the right way, we’ll get good results 🙂

If I did any mistake or if you have to add something, feel free to leave it in the comment below.

For my Muslim readers, Happy Aidiladha!

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